Silicate reinforced, high strength glass ceramics to press over zirconia frames.

The Aesthetic-Press Bleach Ingots—are designed for the Press & Staining Technique.

All bleach shades can be achieved with very little staining in one cycle.
The APVolution Bleach Ingots are blended with enough opacity to maintain the value in the patient’s mouth, but at the same time show enough translucency, so that matching all enamel effects can be achieved easily with the fluorescent AP Stains. 


Bleach Ingots - APV Z

  • Aesthetic-Press Bleach Ingots

    For the Press & Stain Technique, the technician can achieve the various bleach shades in conjunction with a white zirconia frame as support. The most common bleach shades can be reached and modified with the appropriate staining technique. In case of extreme white shades, a cut back technique with adding "Transpa White" powder will increase the value to an even "brighter" shade. 

    Add-on powder is available for these specific ingot shades.  These powders can also be used as one powder build up material.

    The exceptional strength of > 130 MPa leads to improved durability and stability

  • Weight: 2.5 g
    Quantity: 8 ingots per tube
    Press Temperature: 820°C/1508°F 
    Category: Press & Stain
    Colors: 010, 020, 030, 040
    Indication Press to Zirconia—single crowns and long span bridges
    Flexual Strength 120-137 MPa
    Porcelain Type Silicate Glass Ceramic
    Firing Chart